Use a Drop Shipper to increase sales
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You can noticeably impact your sales by offering the full product line from Create-A-Book, and you can achieve this regardless of your inventory on hand. A common misconception for dealers is to think they’re limited to offer and sell what they have in stock. This couldn’t be farther from the truth, or more harmful to your profits!

We know many of you have questions surrounding the drop shipping program, and how to use it, and we want to answer them. If you still have questions after reading this, please post a comment.

What is Drop Shipping? When you have an order for a book you do not stock, and you let an authorized Create-A-Book dealer make and ship the book to you or your customer(s). You pay the wholesale price plus shipping, and you collect the retail price plus shipping. The difference is what you charged, and what you pay, is your earned profit. The real magic to the drop-shipping program is ability for new dealers, or dealers who don’t carry the full stock, to profit off the entire product line.

The “When to Drop Ship” section below lists when to use drop shipping. If you qualify and use the program it can help you gain more repeat customers as well as receiving more orders with multiple items. You earn slightly less, but some profit is always better than zero – especially when it comes with the benefits below. Plus, as soon as you’re ready to keep all the profits, you can stock the product(s) yourself.

Most importantly when a new customer orders a book you don’t have in stock, and you use a drop shipper, just remember you might have lost that customer forever. As well as their their future sales and their referrals. Losing all that potential revenue isn’t worth the risk when the solution is so simple and ready.


• Customers more likely to buy more items per order
• Customers more likely to find items they want to come back for
• Customers more likely to find items they want to share with others
• Makes your business more impressive and interesting to visitors
• More products equal more time spent on your website (Google Rankings)
• More products give your website higher search engines value (also higher rankings)


If customer came looking for a product you didn’t carry and they elsewhere to buy it, the “elsewhere” becomes their new destination for future similar needs. This means you lose both the immediate and ongoing revenue.


• When you don’t carry the full inventory line
• If you’re out of inventory for a book(s) and need to fulfill and order
• When your on vacation and can’t make books
• Prefer not to make books (lower profit, but less work)
• Doing Give-A-Book programs (you may want help with a large quantity)


• View the drop shipper list in the Create-A-Book dealer section home page
• Choose a drop shipper and contact them to setup your arrangements
• When an order comes that requires drop shiping, you notify the drop shipper.
• Currently for orders shipping in the USA
• You can have book shipped directly to you or to your customers
• Drop Shippers will never contact your customers directly
• Your information will go into each book
• The price to drop ship most books is $9 (excluding specialty, i.e. “Wedding”)

Things to keep in mind:

• Drop Shipped orders 10 days before Christmas may cost extra (talk to your drop shipper)
• Drop Shipped orders during a holiday may cost extra (talk to your drop shipper)
• If you do drop ship during a holiday you should call Drop Shipper to alert them of order
• Custom needs may have an extra cost (extra pages, etc..)
• When talking to Drop Shippers please remember to respect their time. They have many books to make every day and each has a deadline. The price you pay them is for quality book(s) shipped on time.

Our drop-shippers are experienced Create-A-Book dealers who qualify for the program of providing books professionally and on time, for our other dealers. Most have been in business for years.


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