We received a lot of feedback to our Facebook post about a new book for children with loved ones(s) in the Military. The original post (below) was an afterthought to the reaction to an emotional video we shared in August (Grab a tissue at 1:46).

“What do you think about a personalized story for children with a Mother, Father, Aunt, Uncle, cousin, etc. in the Military? The story could promote the Honor and Bravery carried out by their loved one?”

This is a great idea on many levels. The storyline would be unique and the emotional connection is very relevant to military families worldwide.  It would be a great book used as an educational gift, and as a cherished keepsake that will never be forgotten. Plus the book could be used as a fundraiser for a variety of charities who help military families in need.

Create-A-Book is also looking to test a new creative process.  Our dealer network consists of of educators, writers, and people who are passionate about children and literacy; many of which whom also have loved one(s) currently stationed overseas.  Do you think it’s possible for the network as a whole to work together to produce ideas, to edit and fine-tune the right storyline, to vote on the illustrations, and then have a finished book that we built as a team? This approach would turn a buzz-worthy product, into a buzz-worthy product with an interesting tale on how it came to be.

We believe this method could produce a final product far better than any single individual could produce. For example, even the title to this blog post came from Denize Solomon, a dealer in the Cayman Islands, who’s already emailed a few ideas for the story after reading the Facebook post.

Please let us know your thoughts by adding a comment below.

- Do you think the book is a good idea?
- Would you contribute (or help Edit) ideas for storyline, topics, or illustrations?