Back to School contest – win FREE inventory
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Hopefully you already used our recent email and Facebook tips to easily create awesome Back-to-School marketing campaigns.

We’d love to see these in action, so we’re throwing a contest. Send us a copy of your email(s) and/or Facebook posts for a chance to win a free 10 pack of your choice.

Even if you don’t win the contest you stand to gain additional sales, so either way you win!

Depending on the number of entries, we’ll select 1 or 2 dealers who will win a free 10 pack of their choice.

How to submit entries:

1. EMAILS: send us a screenshot (or copy of the actual email) to

2. Facebook posts: take a screenshot of your Facebook post and email to

Other Contest details:

- We’ll select a winner on Labor Day, so you have plenty of time.

- Already have your own content and layout, no worries. You’re not required to use the banners & copy provided in our training tips.

How do I take a screenshot?
If you’re on a PC there is usually a keyboard key for ‘print screen’ when you can view your email or post, hit the print screen button. Nothing will appear to have happened, but then open Microsoft Paint and once open right click your mouse and select PASTE. If you’re on a MAC go to System Preferences > Keyboard > Keyboard Shortcuts and you’ll see options to take screenshot


Hey Cabbies,

The back to school event is an incredible sales opportunity from July through September, and we’ve made it really easy to setup campaigns using email, social media, your website or all three. In just 30 minutes you can follow our instructions and schedule 2-3 emails,prepare 2-3 Facebook posts and update your website.


We have some amazing banners you can use on your website, email campaigns or Facebook. View them all.


Whether this is your first email to family and friends, or you’ve already built a customer list, email marketing is your bread and butter because it’s how you build repeat business. We’ve taken out the guesswork. Learn How


We couldn’t make it any easier. We’ve listed tips, along with images and content you can choose to create your posts on Facebook or Twitter. Learn How


Update your home page to promote the event. You can do this easily by adding one of our banners and showcasing categories or products about school or education. Make sure banner links to either a category page with the educational products or directly to a single product. If you have a savisites website, we’ve already done this for you. You can switch to Home – Back to School in less than 2 minutes!!!

Want even more tips….

If you’re still looking for more, we’ve also create a page with general marketing tips and best practices for this Back To School Marketing Event. Learn More

3 Back-to-School marketing banners
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We created these banners for you to use in your Back-To-School marketing.  Place them into your your emails, website, or print material.  Visit your dealer back-office to see ALL the Back-To-School banners and more.

How to market “Back To School”
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What is it about the Fall Season the fills the air with excitement? Is it the changing of the leaves, the family Holidays, or maybe the anticipation of Christmas? One thing is for sure; it’s the season when many of you will achieve your highest grossing sales for the year. To help out we’ve created a quick summary to get you through it successfully.