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There was an interesting question posted to the discussion board on our Facebook page that set the stage for what we hope to be an educational journey for both Create-A-Book, and you.

We’re all faced with a daily challenge to do what we can within a 24 hour day. For you the challenges may be finding time to build your business while juggling a full-time job, raising a family, or both. For us, the challenge is overseeing a multitude of tasks to improve the Create-A-Book opportunity, and doing our best to prioritize them based on the outcomes they’ll bring you. And that’s just the planned ones, as  you can’t predict what life will throw your way.


One of our tasks is growing the Create-A-Book brand, using Social Marketing, to generate new business and to create an active online community of dealers who share ideas and work together. In January we created a 12-month blueprint, and listed the steps to make this happen. Before we could begin, we also started two more projects that will improve the profitability for our dealers, and the decision was made to postpone the social marketing. Sound like a familiar ‘postponement’ process?

We’ve always stressed the importance of making time for your business, and recently much of those discussions have centered on social media. While thinking about my response to the dealers question on Facebook, it occurred to me, “If I’m not able to make time for Social Marketing without getting behind in my other priorities, then how can I help other dealers make the necessary time?”  Here was an opportunity to prove we all can do it we choose to follow through, so we’re moving ahead with our starting our social marketing strategy.

On of our goals in this social experiment is posting 3-5 messages a week to our blog and/or Facebook page. Some may be discussions like this, some focused on specific marketing tips and ideas with your Create-A-Book products, while others may simply be sharing an article, video, or blog post we feel offers relevant value for your business.

The intended outcomes:

1. To create a fabulous resource for entrepreneurs looking to start or build their business
2. To create a community that checks in often for tips and ideas, and engages with others
2. To inspiring you along the way by showing you we’re all capable of making the time
3. To generate more business, and show you how to do the same with yours
4. To further our own expertise in the field of social marketing

I mention the last point because it’s a big one. Learning how to find relevant content to suit your target audience; then learning how to write about in a way that generates interest, sharing, and a following; and then finding the time to squeeze it all in, is no easy feat. I myself have never been a fan of writing because I’m not that good at it, which might sound odd coming from a boy who grew up in a publishing company. However it’s the truth. I’m not afraid to admit it, though I do hope throughout this journey my writing will improve, once again proving if we can do it, so can you!

Here’s the question that was posted to Facebook:

“I was hoping this page would be busier than it is, I wonder if it has anything to do with when we post on the home page it also posts to all our regular friends pages? I don’t like that about it because we don’t need to have our business open for everyone to see that’s why I always post under discussion”

While I’ve covered the first part, why our Facebook page isn’t busier, the latter half of her question dealt with a marketing opportunity that I’ve answered in detail on our Facebook page. If you’d like to read my full answer visit the “discussion” section of our Facebook page and find the topic titled “posts”

Now for the sneak peaks:

1. Create-A-Book is currently working on additional product lines
2. Your personalized music will have new features unlike anything on the market
3. The personalized music line will be increasing
4. The training manual will be updated with many new areas focused on internet marketing
5. We’re creating new sales and marketing material for all the Create-A-Book products
6. Checkout the new dealer ordering system to place and manage your orders on CreateABook
7. We’ve created a new email design for Create-A-Book
8. SaviSites, the company responsible for our dealer websites, is creating an entirely new system from the ground up. They’ll be releasing the new features list in the next 45 days, though we can say all your wishes are being answered and we’re pushing our hardest to have it ready for the Christmas season.

Help us during this social experiment, and bookmark our blog and Facebook page now!

David Hefty


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