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About Us

Create-A-Book® was founded in 1980 in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania by John Hefty and his family and began to offer book-making software in 1981. Create-A-Book® was the “first” made-while-you-wait book publisher. Create-A-Book® has enjoyed tremendous growth and success since day one and continues, to this day, to be family owned and operated.

The sweetest sound is the sound of your own name. For this reason, we knew our books would excite children because they become the stars of the story. Create-A-Book® personalized books are unique, hard bound, glossy cover books that feature your child as the main character. When children hear their name, along with the names of their family, hometown, and friends, they’ll want you to read the story again and again.

You can encourage your child to read while at the same time educating him or her about important issues that have a positive impact on individual character development. Parents want to teach their children the importance of positive lifestyle choices, putting others first, or being a good sport. Create-A-Book® books were written with positive messages for every child.

Create-A-Book® had two goals when forming in 1980:

  • Make reading fun for children
  • Create a rewarding business you can do part-time from home

Create-A-Book® is not only dedicated to the worthwhile cause of literacy, but we also give you a great entrepreneurial opportunity. Setting up a home-based business with Create-A-Book® books is a rewarding experience. We will provide you with all the training and the software necessary to get started.

It will only take you about 5-7 minutes to personalize each book. As you build your business, you will find more and more opportunities to offer your products. Our marketing manual will show you examples of ways to market your Create-A-Book® books.

Here at Create-A-Book, Inc., our motto is Reading is Fun When the Story Is About You. And now, you can make a fun business out of Create-A-Book® books, too.


In 1980, when mini-computers first hit the market, Create-A-Book® invented a method to create personalized books that could be made in minutes by hooking this new computer to an electric typewriter. Later that year the first dot matrix printers became available, and a new business opportunity was born.

It wasn’t long before new books were added and hundreds of budding entrepreneurs were joining the Create-A-Book® family of distributors worldwide.

Create-A-Book®, Inc. expanded to use writers and illustrators worldwide to develop a wide variety of captivating stories.

  • Every new book is created with the child positioned as the main character.
  • Our stories are always 100% original and based on principles for proper child development.
  • The valuable messages are written into each personalized story to captivate a child’s interest.

The quality of each book, from the materials selected to the durable hardcovers, make Create-A-Book® products great gifts. These books become keepsakes. We hear from our families that still have books they received 30 years ago! Hear what parents have to say.

Create-A-Book® products are available ONLY through our authorized distributors!

Create-A-Book® made a decision in the very beginning that we’d support the distributor completely and not sell directly to the consumer. Create-A-Book® continues to this day to only sell products through our distributors. When consumers contact the home office with a book order request, we refer them to a dealer in their area. Our mission is to support you, not compete with you.

Create-A-Book® started as a small business from the home and grew to a multi-million dollar enterprise spanning the globe. Because we built Create-A-Book® from the ground up, we can relate to our distributors who are starting a business for the very first time.

As the industry leader in personalized children’s books, Create-A-Book® offers a nationally recognized brand and business opportunity that incorporates a proven approach with 30 years of success behind it. In keeping with our commitment to support, you get all the materials you need to start a business that can generate income.


The Create-A-Book® mission has always been to create a rewarding business opportunity that allows individuals to build their own business while creating wonderful stories that help children get excited about books. You can’t find a more gratifying relationship. It’s simple and effective.

  • We empower YOU to generate income, free your time, become your own boss, and work towards your financial goals.
  • You empower CHILDREN with products that encourage them to read while at the same time educating them on important issues that have a positive impact on character development.

Create-A-Book® has enjoyed great success. We are continuously improving our products, processes, support, materials, and tools. We invite you to be a member of the Create-A-Book® team.

  • We’ve enjoyed consistent recognition from the media.

Our books have been featured on major TV programs like Good Morning America and Oprah. Our distributors have negotiated book deals with some major companies like Disney and Nestle’s foods for publishing joint ventures. And to continue the success we have enjoyed, our focus remains on the continuous improvement of our books, the individual success of our valued distributors, and, of course, the overall positive impact of our books on the children we reach.

We know that starting your very first business is exciting. Create-A-Book® offers the support you will need to launch your own business. If you’re looking for a fun and rewarding extra income stream, you’ve found it!

Put our experience in your corner.

The Create-A-Book® book system is easy.

  • You start with quality professionally-printed storybook materials.
  • You use our software to personalize the story and print the text.
  • You use our easy binding method to assemble each hardback book.
  • And, finally, you get big smiles from every child!

We provide you with the tools, training, and systems.

If you’d like to learn more about becoming a distributor we’d love to hear from you. You can speak to someone today at 719-714-7676