We’ve worked around the clock on improving the new websites and the Create-A-Book sales tools. We made the decision to hold back the mini-announcements for one big one, and after 4 months of intense beta-testing, we’re ready to launch Savi2. Just in time for the Fall season!

There are more than 400 hundred new features (storefronts and admin)

In addition we optimized Create-A-Book’s products and how they integrate with our site:

  • New 3D Book Cover images
  • New book descriptions
  • New music descriptions
  • Related Products (up-selling)
  • Connecting all product versions
  • New Age Range navigation
  • New Product Type organization
  • Updated Brands filtering
  • New eBook library (name, image, and links to product)
  • Organized Images (folders)
  • Custom Fields matching software with new feature
  • Product SKUs from software
  • Updated CAB products (all books matching latest software update)
  • Better Category & Subcategory recommendations
  • Optimized Menu recommendations in Storefront
  • New content pages (shipping, orders, returns, about, Fundraising, Sponsorship)

We also spent 50 hours integrating the new features and improved sales tools on our demo store. Every new website comes with these improvements, and existing dealers can have them added!

View our demo store, and examples from two dealers:

1. SaviCab (new demo)

2. Thats My Story-Book (VIEW LIVE SITE)


3. My StoryBook Treasure (VIEW LIVE SITE)


Testimony from “That’s My Story Book”

“Not only was I extremely happy with the site; when my husband and family saw a preview their comments were ” Wow, what an improvement this had made to your store it looks so professional and eye catching”. With this new site design, I anticipate that my customer base will grow over the next 6 months and more.”

Carolyn Vilhelmsen
That’s My Story

Testimony from “My StoryBook Treasure”

“New Savi2 websites are easy to set up and manage. Once you get started the new sites come together very quickly. Everyone should switch to Savi2 in time for the holidays!”

Sue Nightingale

What to Do Next…

If you have an existing website with SaviSites, the upgrade is FREE so email us ASAP so we can help you make the switch in time for the Holiday Season.

If you’re interested in starting a new website, or switching to us from an existing website, you can visit our website to learn more and/or call us today.

David Hefty

(480) 946-5555