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How to creatively segment prospects
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Great idea from InfusionSoft

The more you know about your customers, the easier it is to lead them through the sales funnel. So as you interact with prospects and invite them to take action, collect details along the way. You’ll be able to personalize your communications and marketing as you get to know your prospects – detail by detail.

Below is a way you can capture more information.

You Say it’s Your Birthday

Start a birthday club. Everyone likes to be recognized on their special day, so why not get in on the action?

Why not send all of your contacts an email that is designed like a birthday card. Tell them that you want to be ready for the real day and ask them to let you know when it is (Just the month and day is fine…no need to get too nosey). In return, you promise to send them a special gift on the big day.

The gift doesn’t have to be elaborate…maybe it is a t-shirt, a coupon for free stuff, or a simple birthday card. Not only will you collect a bit more data about your prospects, but you’ll also ensure that your brand is in front of them during a happy time. Now that’s targeted marketing at its finest!

To your success!

More Holiday Banners
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2 more Holiday/Christmas banner sets for you to use in your marketing…

You can download these images by right clicking and choosing “save as”, or you can grab the already hosted links to throw them up on your website. Click HERE for the links.



We created 3 new banners for you to use for your Holiday marketing! You can use these in your newsletters, websites, print material, or any other promotional format for your business.

You can download these images to your computer by right clicking and choosing “save as”, or you can grab the already hosted links to throw them up on your website. Click HERE to grab the links.

Click to see example on a website

Click to see example on a website

Click to see example on a website

Savi2 Update – New Cart/Checkout
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From SaviSites:

Hi everyone, we apologize for holding back the Savi2 launch. It’s been difficult deciding which features to integrate for the initial launch and which should be added soon after. We want to add them all now, but we also want you to benefit from the improvements for the remainder of the holiday season.

We want to give your customers the best experience possible, and since the shopping cart/checkout processes are two of the defining experiences your customers have with your website, we’ve made them really really cool with ultra high end design and a new single page checkout. A single page checkout allows your customers to complete all the information on a single page, giving the impression of a quicker/easier process.

We’ve created a new shopping cart/checkout that will build trust and impress your customers! We’ll be adding more bells and whistles to the cart/checkout after launch, though we felt adding the core features to this new process would be worth the delay.

Also, our initial beta testing is wrapping up this weekend, and we’ll be giving a small group of Savi customers test sites next week.

Click each thumbnail for a larger view

New Shopping Cart & Checkout